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Baby Milestones Album

Personalized, handcrafted and classy design book will keep important memories for life

We will help you to save memories about your baby’s most important milestones
Kate - Mom of two
You can fill in all the details in the book, add special notes, paste pictures, save little things in the pocket of the book that will warm your heart every time you will go through it.

Personilized Collection 

The albums can be personizled with baby's name



The book can be personalized with the  baby's name, date of birth, family logo and more



Details, details, details! 

We love details, that’s why we pay a big attention to them. Our books are handcrafted to make sure that each corner is perfectly pasted


High Quality Materials

The book is made of high quality materials. The cover is wrapped with suede leather fabric cover which gives to the book premium look

It's never too late

The baby book is designed to be easy to go back and fill out, even if your child is a few years old and you didn't start from the beginning.

Example of  cover personalization 

Name on the side

Name on the front and side



Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 9.21.09 PM.png


image 2.JPG

I want to introduce myself so you know who is talking to you from other side of the screen 😊

My name is Kate and I’m mom of two girls 👧🏼 Melissa & Alisa

This brand started with my second pregnancy of little Alisa. I was looking for myself a beautiful, classy, stylish and yet informative baby milestones book in Dubai and it was a real challenge 😬

This is when I got an idea to create these beautiful books and share them with all moms in UAE who appreciate the quality, practicality and beauty alongside 😌

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